Antarctic Krill oil.

The essential components of Antarctic krill oil is Phospholipids, DHA, EPA, Polyunsaturated fatty acid(Omega-3,Omega-6), vitamin A, vitamin E, esterify-type astaxanthin, flavonol from Animalia, trace element, etc.

1. Phospholipids

Phospholipids is a kind of lipoid which is rich in phospholipid root, it is a basic substance for life, the cell membrances is composed of about 70% protein and 30% phospholipid. It is consist of lecithin, lipositol, cephalin, etc, thsese phospholipids plays corresponding fuctions to human body parts and human organs.

Functions of phospholipid to huamn body one: emulsification

Functions of phospholipid to huamn body two: improve intelligence

Functions of phospholipid to huamn body three: activate cells

2. Omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acids are what are called essential fatty acids, , so we must ingest them for health. Omega 3 fatty acids protect the heart and act as a natural antiinflammatory.Omega3 Polyunsaturated fatty acidDHA and EPA) is one of the needful nutriments for human body, because the body cannot manufacture it on its own, it must get from food, because of this, it is also called essential fatty acids. Committee member from Americal FNB found Omega-3 could prevent formation of liver lipoprotein, and improve metabolism of lipoprotein, redeuce thrombosis.

The benefits of Omega-3 to human body:

1). Decrease illness frequency rate of angiocardiopathy.

2). Ese pain of arthritis.

3). Protect skin from ultraviolet ray.

4). Lighten dysmenorrhea.

5). Reduce illness frequency rate of prostate.

6). Balance human body absorption for Omea-6.

Ingest more Omega3 is very important for huamn to maintain health. New research in recent years has found Antarctic krill oil contains very high Omega-3 fatty acid.

3. DHA and EPA


DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid) is the needful highly unsaturated fatty acid for brain, it can prevent sediment of cholesterol on vascular wall, prevent or reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, what is more important is DHL is of prime importance to brain cell. It accountsfor 10% of human fat, and is very beneficial to development of nervous system and synapse.


EPA (Eicosapntemacnioc Acid) belongs to Ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acid seies, which humand body cannot manufacture it on its own and is one of the needful nutriments, thus it essential fatty acids for human body. Although linolenic acid in human body can transform to EPA,but its proces is slow and the transform amount is little, this makes EPA must get from food.

4. Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is one member of carotenoid pigment, it exsists usualy combing with phosphoprotein in human body, because its special structure, it has stong oxidation resistance ability.The experiments finds its oxidation resistance ability is 10 times of β-Carotene, 500 times of vitamin E, 4 times of distylin. So Antarctic krill oil is beneficialto brain health, also is good to free radical scavenging and delay aging. Another feature of astaxanthin is it can pass through Blood Brain Barrier, that is it can play oxidation resistance for bain and central nervous system.