Medium Chain Triglyceride(MCT)

Medium Chain Triglyceride(MCT), originated from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, is a mixture of saturated fatty acids. The main composition, caprylic acid(C8H16O2) and capric acid(C10H20O2), takes no less than 90% of total fatty acids. Comparing with LCT, MCT could be hydrolyzed very quickly in the body, so it mainly works as energy provider in food application


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Functions and applicated products

1. Dissolve and give food a unique smell and color;
2. Anti-viscosity agent
---Fruits such as raisins;
---Chewing gum, licorice candy products (often use MCT and natural wax )
3. Baked food;
4. Substitute mineral oil to make lubricating oil;
5. Used as an anti-dust agent in powder;
6. Reduce the viscosity of oily food ingredients such as vitamin E and lecithin;
7.Used as turbidity agent in beverages; 
8. Used as lubricant and release agent of sausage laminating

Applicated products:

Artificial butter;
Cooking oil;
Chocolate coating;
Processing of cheese;
Vegetable oil;
Mayonnaise and condiments;
Sports drinks;
Weight Loss Products

Product advantages


1. The MCT grease was emulsified and buried, homogeneous, spray-dried, and the microcapsule powder was formed after two embedding.

2. Agglomeration granulation and two embedding process, the product is more stable;
3. Higher oil carrying capacity, lower surface oil;
4. Advanced combination of antioxidant system, extended shelf period;
5. Excellent odor taste, TFA≤0.3%, good stability, fluidity, good dispersion, uniform particle size distribution, less fine powder.

Advacned world famous brand FSD-Granulator systme is the key of produce high quality powder.