Sodium Hyaluronate


High molecular weight: (MW between 1.5m~2.2m Da) can be formed breathable film on the surface of the skin, help the skin to lock moisture, and to prevent the invasion of bacteria, dust and ultraviolet, so that to protect the skin from damage.

Middle Molecular weight: (MW between 1.0m~1.5m Da) can tighten the skin and keep skin moisturizing for long term.

Low Molecular Weight:(MW between 3000~100 000 Da) can penetrate into the dermis quickly, dilated capillaries slightly, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and so it has function of eliminating wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and preventing skin aging.


  • Better product stability

         The experimental results show that High temperature test at 60℃ and 105℃ between Be-Better products and other populare brand products for testing      molecular weight and viscosity. Detection time is 48 hours, our product stability is better.

  • Higher product purity

        Purity is 95% for cosmetic grade and 92% for food grade,higher then most supplier;

  • Advanced production technology

        By adopting various physical and chemical mutagenesis means, we improve the fermentation performance of the strain continuously. The final fermentation unit reached 11-12g/L, reached the international leading level;

  • Provide full range of molecular weight

        A full range of 3000 Da to 2.6 million Da MW is provided by our years of technological experience.

  • Customized production available

         We can produce sodium hyaluronate with different heaped density, particle size and protein content to meed clients` needs.

  • Quality management system

         In order to control the quality of products, raw materials, wrapper, production process and final products are controlled strictly. Each test date and results will be recorded by our laboratory technician. And we also keep sample storage for each batch. So our products can be traced.

Sodium Hyaluronate Cosmetic Grade

Sodium hyaluronate is water-friendly and it has very good moisturizing factor and prevents diseases such as skin infection by bacteria and other external substances. It is regarded as an ideal” natural moisturizer” factor and widely used in cosmetics which is for different skins , climates and environments.

Humectants commonly used in cosmetics are glycerol, sodium PCA and others.Above experiments shows that sodium hyaluronate has the highest moisture absorption and low relative humidity(33%) while the lowest at high relative humidity(75%). Its unique moisturizing properties of high moisture absorption at low relative humidity and low moisture absorption at high relative humidity enable it can maintain relative adequate moisture of the skin and hair. And also can meet the requirements of skin in different seasons and environment humidity.


Cosmetic Grade

Food grade

Sodium Hyaluronate Food Grade

Sodium hyaluronate in the body is about 15g, it has very important functions in human physiological activity. With the reduce of sodium hyaluronate in the body,  the skin moisturizing ablity will be reducing also, it will have wrinkles and other skin problems. If the other body organization sodium hyaluronate reduced, it may brings arthritis, arteriosclerosis, pulse disorder and brain atrophy. Now orally take sodium hyaluronate is widly used in health food products in Europe and America. For tablets capsules normally use 800,000 to 1,200,000 Da, as low molecular weight dissolved fast, absorb well, normally used in oral liquid or oral granules and other products.



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